Nov 1, 2017


#yii2tech 'ar-position' extension 1.0.1 released

yii2tech "ar-position" extension version 1.0.1 was released. In this release list navigation was implemented.

Oct 28, 2017


Yii development notes #16

Fresh issue of Yii development notes. YiiPowered passed 300 projects, Yii 2.0.13 is closer, PHP-FIG is back into action.

Oct 20, 2017


Important: update composer asset plugin

Bower is breaking things so you need to update composer asset plugin ASAP.

Oct 15, 2017


Yii development notes #15

Another issue of Yii development notes is there. 2.0 release and new website are close. Extensions were released, YiiFeed got new design, Hacktoberfest is back.

Oct 14, 2017


Fresh Yii 2 Manuals Published

Unofficial builds of Yii 2 framework and extension manuals in CHM/PDF/MSWORD/WEBHELP were published.

  • Twig Extension => 2.1.1
  • Debug Extension => 2.0.12
  • Bootstrap Extension => 2.0.7
  • Compiled with latest changes.

Oct 11, 2017


Twig Extension 2.1.1 released

Yii team released version 2.1.1 of the Twig extension. Changes are the following:

  • Exception page now displays exact template line where an issue has occurred. Before there was, at best, a line from template compiling result that was not useful at all.
  • A Twig extension added allowing to work with Html helper in templates. You can find more details in the guide. Without the extension it was not possible to use methods such as addCssClass() because of Twig limitations.
  • Bugfixes.
  • More docs.

This version was worked on by new Twig extension maintainer, Anton Gubarev (@amarox). He's using the extension is his projects and volunteered to both polish it to perfection and develop it further.

Oct 9, 2017


Debug extension version 2.0.12 released

Another release from Yii team. This one fixes regressions found in previous version of the extension.

Oct 9, 2017


Bootstrap extension version 2.0.7 released

Yii team released Bootstrap extension version 2.0.7. This version is a regular release with a number of bugs fixed and some small enhancements.

Updating is, as usual, could be done via Composer.

Sep 26, 2017


Yii development notes #14

Issue 14 of Yii development notes is here. Website, 2.0 and 2.1 progress, Yii museum and CMS releases.

Sep 9, 2017


Jeff Reifman On Yii Framework And His Influence In PHP

An interview with Jeff Reifman, author of many Yii-related articles, experienced technology consultant and former Microsoft Group Program Manager. He speaks about career, metorship, OpenSource, his projects and Yii.