Apr 16, 2018


yii2tech got new extension releases

Paul Klimov from Yii team released new versions for extensions he maintains:

  • Admin 1.1.0 - provides controllers, actions, widgets and other tools for administration panel creation in Yii2 project.
  • Config 1.0.6 - provides support for application runtime configuration, loading config from database.
  • AR search 1.0.0 - provides unified search model for Yii ActiveRecord.
  • AR role 1.0.3 - provides support for ActiveRecord relation role (table inheritance) composition.
  • AR variation 1.0.4 - provides support for ActiveRecord variation via related models. In particular it allows implementing i18n feature for ActiveRecord.
  • HTML2PDF 1.0.3 - provides basic support for HTML to PDF and PHP to PDF conversion.
  • Spreadsheet 1.0.1 - provides ability to export data to spreadsheet, e.g. Excel, LibreOffice etc.
  • FileDB 1.0.6 - provides ActiveRecord interface for the data declared in static files. Such solution allows declaration of static entities like groups, statuses and so on via files, which are stored under version control instead of database.

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