Feb 19, 2020


Clean Code concepts adapted for PHP

Good set of advice about how to write code.

Software engineering principles, from Robert C. Martin's book Clean Code, adapted for PHP. This is not a style guide. It's a guide to producing readable, reusable, and refactorable software in PHP.

Not every principle herein has to be strictly followed, and even fewer will be universally agreed upon. These are guidelines and nothing more, but they are ones codified over many years of collective experience by the authors of Clean Code.

Jan 23, 2020


Clean tests with PHP and PHPUnit

An article by Níckolas Da Silva has some great advice about writing better tests.

Jan 22, 2020


Yii news 2020, issue 1

First update from Yii team in this year. Yii 1 and Yii 2 releases, extensions and Yii 3 progress.

Jan 16, 2020


JetBrains Mono font

JetBrains released their own code font and bundled it with their recent IDEs. The font is good:

  • Very readable.
  • Usually indistinguishable symbols such as "0" and "O" are distinct.
  • There are ligatures.

Dec 19, 2019


Yii 1, Yii 2.0.31 and Yii 3 progress

Fresh news from Yii development team. Yii 2 got new release. Yii 3 development goes forward. Yii 1 is surprisingly compatible with PHP 7.4.

Nov 29, 2019


PHP 7.4

PHP 7.4 was released. Yii can benefit from new features:

  • Typed properties - would simplify checks overall and will make code stricter. Potentially we can adopt typed DTOs.
  • Limited return type covariance and argument type contravariance - would allow to seamlessly add types for PSR interfaces (may not be needed since PHP-FIG is planning to update interfaces).
  • Ability to throw __toString() exceptions - would simplify error handler and make widgets more reliable.

There's a poll about upping minimum required version for Yii 3.

Nov 28, 2019


A preconfigured application template: Yii 2 Basic Firestarter

This is a modified version of the basic template with some preconfigured features. I've created it to save time upon creating a new project.

You can find more in the readme.

Nov 26, 2019


Yii 2 Application Optimization

Vitaliy Shulyak from 2amigos about optimizing performance of Yii 2 applications.

Nov 20, 2019


Yii 2.0.30, extensions and Yii 3

Yii 2 releases, Yii 3 progress, plans and thoughts on funding.

Nov 5, 2019


Fresh Yii and extension manuals in various formats


  • Updated according to: 2.0.29
  • Debug => 2.1.11
  • Auth Client => 2.2.5
  • Redis => 2.0.11
  • MongoDB => 2.1.8
  • HTTP client => 2.0.12
  • Bootstrap 4 => 2.0.8
  • ApiDoc => 2.1.8