Nov 29, 2019


PHP 7.4

PHP 7.4 was released. Yii can benefit from new features:

  • Typed properties - would simplify checks overall and will make code stricter. Potentially we can adopt typed DTOs.
  • Limited return type covariance and argument type contravariance - would allow to seamlessly add types for PSR interfaces (may not be needed since PHP-FIG is planning to update interfaces).
  • Ability to throw __toString() exceptions - would simplify error handler and make widgets more reliable.

There's a poll about upping minimum required version for Yii 3.

Nov 28, 2019


A preconfigured application template: Yii 2 Basic Firestarter

This is a modified version of the basic template with some preconfigured features. I've created it to save time upon creating a new project.

You can find more in the readme.

Nov 26, 2019


Yii 2 Application Optimization

Vitaliy Shulyak from 2amigos about optimizing performance of Yii 2 applications.

Nov 20, 2019


Yii 2.0.30, extensions and Yii 3

Yii 2 releases, Yii 3 progress, plans and thoughts on funding.

Nov 5, 2019


Fresh Yii and extension manuals in various formats


  • Updated according to: 2.0.29
  • Debug => 2.1.11
  • Auth Client => 2.2.5
  • Redis => 2.0.11
  • MongoDB => 2.1.8
  • HTTP client => 2.0.12
  • Bootstrap 4 => 2.0.8
  • ApiDoc => 2.1.8

Nov 5, 2019


Extension releases and Yii 3

Another update by Yii team. This time it's Yii 2 extension releases and insights about what happens with Yii 3.

Oct 8, 2019


Yii 2.0.28, extensions and Yii 3 progress

Three extensions, framework release and a big pack of Yii 3 updates.

Oct 5, 2019



Hacktoberfest is a festival of OpenSource contribution that lasts for a month. To participate you need to register at the website and do four pull requests to OpenSource projects such as Yii before end of the month. First 50K participants are getting free t-shirts.

Oct 4, 2019


How to use Data Providers in PHPUnit

Useful post about PHPUnit data providers that is full of tips. Check comments as well.

Oct 1, 2019


Yii 2 Behavior for automatic Mercure updates

Yii 2 behavior to publish resource updates to Mercure Hub automatically has been released. Its idea is to provide similar functionality as the one in API Platform.

Read more about this at Yii 2 Forum.