Feb 12, 2018


Debugging PHP with Xdebug: a 2018 handbook

Door Nico Stapelbroek and Stefan van Essen wrote a good case by case summary of configuring and using Xdebug. Useful for any PHP developer.

Feb 9, 2018


Feb 9, 2018


How to Upgrade ICU in Intl in PHP 7.0.x for Linux Ubuntu 16.04

Intl is used in i18n layer of Yii 2.0 for getting data, formatting strings and performing translations. It is uprated separately from PHP itself and it's as trivial as installing a package so the article is very useful.

Feb 7, 2018


Extension for sharing on social networks without JavaScript

With this extension you can share data from your web pages to any social network.

Main features:

  • SEO support
  • Default font icons for social networks
  • Easy creation of custom drivers for other social networks

Feb 7, 2018


Auth Client 2.1.5 released

Yii team released Auth Client extension version 2.1.5 which brings 3 enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Updated endpoint URLs for LinkedIn.
  • AuthAction refactored to use yii\web\Application::$request for request data access.
  • Added yii\authclient\AuthAction::$cancelCallback allowing custom handling for authentication cancellation.

See the CHANGELOG for details.

Jan 29, 2018


Email templates module

Email templates module is an extension for creating of email templates and manage using your site dashboard.

Jan 9, 2018


Portland Yii Framework Programmers Meetup

Jeff Reifman started Yii meetup in Portland, Oregon.

First one will take place Tuesday, January 16, 2018 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Palio 1996 SE Ladd Av.

If you're nearby, join it. Here's meetup page at

Dec 31, 2017


Yii development notes #19

Last issue of Yii development news this year.

Dec 26, 2017


Queue Extension 2.0.2 released

Yii team released Queue extension 2.0.2. It has bugfixes, new AMQP Interop driver, new events, better handling of POSIX signals and more.

Dec 23, 2017


Gii extension version 2.0.6 released

Gii extension was updated with both bugfixes and a number of good enhancements.