Jan 4, 2017


Programming With Yii2: Using the Debugger

Despite really old opening video from pre-release deubgger version, a good overview of the tool capabilities.

Dec 29, 2016


Recent security issues with PHPMailer and SwiftMailer

Recently three Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities were discovered in in PHPMailer and SwiftMailer.

All three mention Yii among the affected frameworks in the initial release, so Yii team commented on this to clarify who is affected and what action is required.

Dec 28, 2016


Programming With Yii2: Helpers

Tuts+ published fresh Yii 2.0 article about helpers: what they are, built-in ones, building a custom one.

Dec 18, 2016


Implementation of JSON API specification for the Yii framework

Anton Tuyakhov implemented JSON API specification. An extension has custom data serializer, supports content negotiation, HATEOAS links and JSON input.

Dec 13, 2016


Programming With Yii2: Routing and URL Creation

An overview of routing and URLs in Yii.

Dec 12, 2016


Switching themes dynamically

New recipe in the Yii 2.0 community cookbook explains how to dynamically switch application themes.

Dec 6, 2016


Programming With Yii2: Using Amazon S3

How to work with Amazon S3 using one of Yii 2.0 extensions from A to Z: installing extension, configuring it, browsing remote file system, reading and writing.

Dec 4, 2016


Dec 4, 2016


Yii 2.0 JavaScript is now properly tested

Initiated by @arogachev, significant refactoring was made to Yii's JavaScript code along with code for testing it. With the help of Yii team and community, these tests are now running in Travis which means much better stability and backwards compatibility of JavaScript part of Yii.

Dec 4, 2016


PHP 7.1 released

PHP team released long awaited 7.1.0 version bringing us:

And more features and changes…

As usual, Yii 2.0 is well prepared and works well with PHP 7.1 so feel free to upgrade if needed.

If you wonder about thoughts behing each change, check out RFC wiki.