Mar 9, 2017


Yii 2.0 Logging and PSR-3

Alexander Makarov from Yii core team writes on Yii logging and PSR-3.

Mar 6, 2017


How to Program With Yii 2: ActiveRecord

Yii 2 series at tuts+ continues with an summary article about ActiveRecord.

Mar 5, 2017


The history of Yii framework

Brief history of Yii framework from the very start to version 2.0.

Mar 4, 2017


Building Your Startup: Error Logging

Jeff Reifman continues building a startup with Yii. This time he took time to review log aggregation services: Rollbar and Sentry and their integration with the framework.

Mar 4, 2017


Build config arrays from config files and env vars

You can use this extension to solve some or all of the following tasks:

  • Build Yii2 configuration arrays for web and console application
  • Initialize Yii environment (YII_DEBUG, YII_ENV) from environment variables
  • Load environment variables from a .env file
  • Get config options from environment variables
  • Load local configuration overrides
  • Streamline config initialization and Yii 2 bootstrapping

Feb 28, 2017


User authentication with email verification

In this tutorial, I will show you how to develop a user authentication component in Yii 2 that features a SMTP email verification.

Feb 25, 2017


YiiPowered launched

YiiPowered, Yii projects showcase, just launched in beta. Anyone could add projects so feel free to add what you did in Yii.

Feb 21, 2017


Debug extension version 2.0.9 released

Following 2.0.8 release of Debug extension, 2.0.9 provides 3 extra bug fixes to make new panels more stable with various non-standard application configurations.

Feb 19, 2017


Debug extension version 2.0.8 released

Official Debug extension got a good feature-full release including two brand new panels and significant enhancements.

Feb 17, 2017


ZFORT group OpenSourced their Yii 2 extensions

ZFORT group OpenSourced their internal extensions among which are user management, settings, RBAC manager, collections, comments, enums, editable grids, extra validators, shopping cart, FTP, simple CMS and more.