Dec 8, 2018


PHP 7.3.0 released

The PHP development team released version 7.3.0 that comes with numerous improvements and new features such as

The list of changes is recorded in the ChangeLog. The migration guide is available in the PHP Manual.

Both Yii 2.0 and upcoming Yii 3.0 releases will be comatible with new PHP release.

Dec 8, 2018


Gii extension 2.0.8 released

We are very pleased to announce the release of Gii extension version 2.0.8.

Additionally to bug fixes, there is a new option in model generator that allows standardized capitals in class names:

SOME_TABLE -> SomeTable
Other_Table -> OtherTable

instead of

Other_Table -> OtherTable

See the CHANGELOG for details.

Oct 28, 2018


Yii development notes #25

Another issue of development notes is out. Learn about Yii 3.0 development, written down Yii values and other things.

Aug 31, 2018


Yii development notes #24

Another issue of Yii development notes with some 3.0 details.

Aug 9, 2018


Getting information from the current locale

A wiki article about getting various information from current locale.

Jul 28, 2018


YiiGist - Directory of Packages for your project

Yiigist is a directory of Packages for your projects on Yii framework. It helps you find package you want and provide sorting by different criteria as well as filtering by framework version. Great tool for searching libraries before you roll yours!

Check it out!

Jul 8, 2018


Luke Briner's channel Yii 2.0 Part 19 - REST APIs

Latest video in Yii 2.0 series by Luke Briner is about rapidly building REST APIs.

Jul 6, 2018


Yii 1.1.20 is released

Yii team tagged new version of Yii 1.1 that accumulates security and PHP 7 compatibiltiy fixes made for a year.

Jun 29, 2018


Yii development notes #23

Another issue of Yii development notes by Alexander Makarov. Have a good read.

Jun 24, 2018


Email templates module 4.1.0 released

The extension is for creating email templates and managing them in a website dashboard. You can create email templates with CRUD module in your backend or Gii generator.

Version 4.1.0 chages are:

  • Added default value for "hint" field in Gii generator
  • Added batch insert command for each language in migration file that Gii generator creates
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

All changes are avaliable in changelog file.