Aug 19, 2017


yii2-gentelella 1.3.0 released

An update to admin template for Yii 2 based on Gentelella was released:

  • Enh #25: Implemented another algorithm of sidebar state keeping (mohdqasim98)
  • Enh #23: Added an ability to add custom buttons in Panel widget (SamMousa)
  • Enh #20: Added an ability to make an active menu item via active attribute (fps01)
  • Enh #22: Created Accordion widget (fps01)
  • Fix #17: Fixed source paths for bower (MKiselev)
  • Fix #15: Fixed an error "Jquery Error progressbar is not a function" (fps01)
  • Fix #13: Make FlashAlert widget array compatible (al.gushchin)

P.S. Check file.

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