May 5, 2017


Yii and webpack in a real project

At npm(Yarn) and webpack 2.x are used instead of composer-asset-plugin and yii\web\AssetManager. The project was recently opensourced and could serve as an example.

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  1. May 12, 2017

    Hello @jamband Would you care to give a bit more insight of how you have done, what where the advantages and pitfalls you have found on this path?
    I must say composer-asset-plugin is a real nightmare. I know Yii2.1 will drop composer-asset-plugin mess (thanks) but this release has no date announced and in the meantime I'm looking for alternatives (and Yii2.1 which has no release date announce).

  2. Jun 4, 2017

    Hello @gwelr
    I wrote an article about Yii + webpack. (Although it is Japanese). It may be useful.

    Although webpack is convenient, I think it is complicated and not perfect yet. However, since we are planning to implement the front end with React or Vue.js in the future, we have no choice but to use it. So I decided to use webpack as preparation.

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