Nov 1, 2016


SOLID. A simple overview

A draft of simple overview of SOLID set of principles.

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  1. Nov 1, 2016

    Hey this is great read.

    However i would appreciate if you could give more explanation and examples about this:


  2. Nov 2, 2016

    Data mapping in Yii 2.1?

  3. Nov 2, 2016

    I'd say it's unlikely in 2.1 but we're trying stuff.

  4. Nov 3, 2016

    Hey Sam! Little advice (or request) here. Nice explanation of SOLID, but it would be even better, if you had added some examples, really simple, just for the clearness sake.

  5. Nov 3, 2016

    Sure. It's in a draft state. Examples are planned.

  6. Aug 23, 2017

    any example SOLID in yii2 ?

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