Oct 4, 2016


LUYA RC1 Release and new Website

We are proud to announce the first release candidate (1.0.0-RC1) of LUYA after weeks of intensive work.

Today we also present the new LUYA Logo and the brand new luya.io Website.

These are the most significant changes and additions:

  • The administration is loading at least twice as fast as before
  • Composer update has been speed up significantly by removing old dependencies (including bower dependencies)
  • Core classes and modules have been reorganized to optimize system architecture
  • Configuration file naming has been changed to improve clarity
  • cms, news and crawler modules now combine admin and frontend submodules so that only one composer package is required
  • Introduced tag mechanism to allow for special codes in text fields that are parsed and replaced with any thinkable type of content
  • Introduced block injectors that inject related and preprocessed data into a CMS block (the link inspector, as an example, can provide an URL based on a link value stored within a block)
  • Introduced the Lazyload widget that loads images only when they scroll into view
  • CMS pages can now be copied with their content blocks and languages
  • Textareas do now automatically resize vertically according to their content
  • NgRest Crud lists automatically activate pagination when there are more than 250 rows (this behavior can be configured)
  • Search results can be grouped by content type (this is configured adding CRAWL_GROUP meta information to the source code)
  • Tons of bug fixes and small improvements

Attention: If you want to upgrade to the first release candidate, there are a few breaking changes you have to take care of. With these changes done, we now have a stable and reliable foundation for the upcoming release candidates and the final release.

Please check the full Changelog and the Upgrading Guide.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the upgrade process, don't hesitate to contact us on Gitter or to create an Issue on GitHub.

4 October 2016
LUYA developer team

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  1. Oct 4, 2016

    There is also an Upgrade Guide on luya.io https://luya.io/guide/install-upgrade

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