Aug 13, 2016


LUYA Yii 2 CMS beta8 released

Today (11. August 2016) beta 8 of the Yii2-based content management system LUYA was released after several weeks' work! The new version provides many important additions and improvements, including:

  • page permissions allow to restrict the pages a group of backend users can edit (permissions can be granted for individual pages as well as sections)
  • status data can now be stored in user settings, like the collapsing of the page tree or the last location in the file manager (which are now remembered by LUYA)
  • content blocks can be marked as favorites to be available at the top of the catalogue
  • additional block info is available in views, answering questions like "Is this the first block in a container?" or "Is this block preceded or followed by a block of the same type?" (e.g. to open and close wrappers around a group of the same types of blocks)
  • the select plugin now uses the "Chosen" jQuery plugin to make selection with long lists more comfortable (
  • PHP views can now be used as an alternative to Twig views
  • dates can now be set using a date picker
  • there are new shortcodes for the tag parser to include relative URLs and mail links in Markdown text (e.g. mail[])
  • new ngrest sorting and grouping configuration options are available
  • page properties can now be accessed through the menu for all pages, not only the current one
  • silent modules (interactive=0) allow the automated setup of LUYA installations
  • many smaller usability improvements were done
  • API documentation is linked with source code on GitHub
  • there's additional PHP inline documentation
  • the guide was improved and amended

These are some of our plans for the future:

  • new Kickstarter and demo theme
  • a complete overhaul of the administration based on Angular 2 and Bootstrap 4

And, the most important thing of all, a new LUYA logo will be unveiled soon. ;-)

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