Apr 29, 2016


LUYA CMS 1.0.0-beta6

We are proud to announce we have released the beta6 version of LUYA, the Yii2 wrapper with a strong CMS and Administration Module. What is new in beta6?

  • Versions: You can now make several version of page and choose which of those should be published.
  • Toolbar: The LUYA CMS Toolbar help you to to manage your content and strongly makes the focus on SEO. The toolbar gives you alerts for things you could do better in case of your content strategy.

We have fixed so many little bugs and added new features to all modules. We have also moved the LUYA development to a new HQ https://github.com/luyadev to make a real OpenSource organization.

There are also some new modules to help making your website:

Video of CMS Version:

Video of CMS Toolbar:

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