Apr 15, 2016


Balance Accounting System extension for Yii2

Another extension got its way into excellent yii2tech collection made possible by Paul Klimov, one of Yii core team members. Extension provides basic support for balance accounting (bookkeeping) system based on debit and credit principle. Balance system is usually used for the accounting (bookkeeping) and money operations. However, it may also be used for any resource transferring from one location to another. For example: transferring goods from storehouse to the shop and so on.

A must have if you're working with money.

Comments (2)

  1. Apr 15, 2016

    Great extension. Would love to see features like trial-balance, ledgers etc. Transferring from one account to more than one account.

  2. Apr 17, 2016

    Report to the issue tracker at GitHub.

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