Official wrapper for PHP webserver

Alexander Makarov just pull requested PHP webserver wrapper for Yii 2.0 which is likely to be merged into next release.

In order to try it checkout basic app template and run ./yii serve in the app root. For more options check ./yii help serve.

Yii2 By Example

A new Fabrizio Caldarelli Yii 2.0 book was released by PACKT publishing. 344 pages.

This book is for anyone who wants to discover and explore Yii Framework. Basic programming experience with PHP and object oriented programming is assumed.


A Yii 2 Extension to simulate the Oracle PDO using the PHP OCI8 functions was published. This extension is an adaptation of yii-1.1-oci8pdo for Yii 2 and contains support for CLOB / BLOB fields.

ContentTools implementation for Yii 2

ContentTools, small minimalistic WYSIWYG editor created by Anthony Blackshaw, is Yii 2 ready now as the handy extension.


Paul Klimov, core developer of Yii, launched a set of extensions for Yii 2.0. Currently it contains 16 repositories full of great stuff.

Set of behaviors for storing trees in the database

Nice set of behaviors for storing trees in the database was released. All beahviors have uniform API and an ability to be combined with each other. Very good choice if you're not sure which method suits your project better and want to try all of them without much hassle.

To use multiple behaviors check auto Tree Trait.

Every extension is covered by unit tests.

Debug, Bootstrap, Sphinx and Authclient extensions version 2.0.5 released

Yii team made official extension releases for Debug, Bootstrap, Sphinx and Authclient fixing issues and adding new stuff. Details are in official announcement.

Yii 2 real-time chat app with NodeJS, and

This tutorial is teaching us how to implement realtime chat / notifications using Yii 2.0, NodeJS, and Redis.

Yii 2.0 REST Client

REST client is very useful for debugging APIs via handy UI instead of command line curl.

HumHub migrated to Yii 2.0

HumHub, an OpenSource social network, migrated from Yii 1.1 to Yii 2.0.

0.20 BETA release is available at The code could be found at GitHub.