Project Self Update Extension for Yii 2

Paul Klimov is very productive nowadays. This time he released extension that allows updating the project from version control system and performs additional actions such as performing migrations. All that is performed via single console command ./self-update.

YiiFeed got updates

Project got some updates:

  • Fixed issue that prevened many people from authenticating using GitHub.
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos are now allowed.
  • Avatars are now used in comments.
  • News authors are displayed.
  • GitHub link was added to user profiles.
  • News aren't truncated anymore in the list.
  • GitHub flavored markdown is now used.

LUYA beta5 release

The next beta release of the Yii2 driven LUYA system has been released, beta5. A lot of small bug fixes and enhancements in case of performance and caching are part of this release.

There is also a new feature which is called "Auto Preview", built into the LUYA CMS Module, allows you to see your changes in realtime while editing and adding blocks:

yii2tech updated: authlog, file-storage, ar-file got releases, new ar-eagerjoin added

Paul Klimov, Yii core team member, released 1.0.0 versions for some of extensions:

  • authlog - provides identity authentication logging and tracking mechanism, which can be used for 'brute-force' attack protection.
  • file-storage - File storage abstraction.
  • ar-file - ActiveRecord behavior, which provides file attachment.

Additionally, there's new ar-eagerjoin extension which allows ActiveRecord relation eager loading via join without extra query.

New Yii 2.0 book: Mastering Yii

Charles Portwood wrote a new Yii2 book titled "Mastering Yii". It's released by PACKT publishing and is 391 pages. Besides basics it focuses on REST APIs and Codeception.

Deploying Yii with Deployer

Jacob Moen article on using Deployer for Yii server deployments.


LUYA is a fast, modular and beautiful looking system to create content based on blocks or database tables. It is based on the Yii2 Framework, Angular and Materialize CSS and is currently in beta.

Yii 1.1.17 is released

Yii team released Yii 1.1 version 1.1.17. This is the last release with enhancements.

The main enhancements in this release are:

  • PHP7 compatibility.
  • CHttpRequest can now automatically parse JSON with application/json content type.
  • There's now database-based StatePersister implementation.
  • Autoloader now doesn't error in case of non-existing namespaced classes so other autoloaders have chance to handle these.

Quill WYSIWYG extension released

Yii 2 extension for Quill WYSIWYG editor was released. Quill is BSD-licensed what you see is what you get editor which is definitely worth looking at.

Philosophies that Shaped Successful Frameworks

Qiang Xue, creator of the Yii framework, wrote an article about philosophies behind successful frameworks. Interesting read.