AuthClient extension version 2.0.6 released

Yii team released new version of AuthClient extension. GitHub now retrieves user email even if it is set as 'private' at GitHub account, Twitter got support for user attribute request params, automatic 'refresh access token' requests could now be disabled.

Boost composer-asset-plugin update speed

If you're using a lot of bower and npm assets with Yii 2.0 you might encounter long running composer update tasks.

Luckily this issue can be avioded with the recently released version 1.2.0 of fxp/composer-asset-plugin, which can be confiugred to use native git instead of GitHub REST-API calls.

HTTP client extension version 2.0.0 released

Yii team relased official HTTP client extension created mainly by Paul Klimov. The extension itself was ready for release long time ago but since there's PSR-7, there were debates about should it be released without it. Finally, it was decided that it's a good idea since, first of all, it's already adopted by many projects, and second, PSR-7 support could be added in further major versions.

Composing and performing HTTP requests looks like the following:

use yii\httpclient\Client;

$client = new Client();
$response = $client->createRequest()
    ->setData(['name' => 'John Doe', 'email' => ''])
if ($response->isOk) {
    $newUserId = $response->data['id'];

Gentelella admin template

Pavel Fedotov released a nice Yii 2.0 template for admin area of a project which is based on genterella theme.

A demo is available at

yii2tech project template

Paul Klimov released his version of Yii 2.0 project template. It's a bit different in structure from standard ones. There are both admin part and frontend part which are served via different endpoints located in a single web root.

MongoDB extension version 2.1.0 released

Yii team released major MongoDB extension version which uses the new PHP MongoDB driver, providing the ability to function on PHP 7.x and HHVM. Note that this version is not backwards compatible with 2.0.x so check UPGRADE first.

Configuring a Yii2 Application for an Autoscaling Stack

New Yii 2.0 Cookbook article was contributed by @iadj. It was started from discussion on how to run Yii 2.0 on Google AppEngine and explains on how to prepare the application to scale well.

CSV Data Export extension

Another good extension by Paul Klimov provides ability to export data to CSV file. It has fully customizable output format, an API similar to GridView which works with data providers, can split data into multiple files and zip results. Extension is unit-tested and has a stable version available.

MongoDB extension version 2.0.5 released

Official Yii MongoDB extension version 2.0.5 which contains 17 enhancements and bug fixes was released.

Immutable objects

One of ex-Yii contributors, Mark Ragazzo writes on immutable objects. What are these, how to impement them properly and why these are helpful. Edited by Alexander Makarov from Yii core team. Recommended for reading.