Dec 13, 2016


Programming With Yii2: Routing and URL Creation

An overview of routing and URLs in Yii.

Dec 12, 2016


Switching themes dynamically

New recipe in the Yii 2.0 community cookbook explains how to dynamically switch application themes.

Dec 6, 2016


Programming With Yii2: Using Amazon S3

How to work with Amazon S3 using one of Yii 2.0 extensions from A to Z: installing extension, configuring it, browsing remote file system, reading and writing.

Dec 4, 2016


Dec 4, 2016


Yii 2.0 JavaScript is now properly tested

Initiated by @arogachev, significant refactoring was made to Yii's JavaScript code along with code for testing it. With the help of Yii team and community, these tests are now running in Travis which means much better stability and backwards compatibility of JavaScript part of Yii.

Dec 4, 2016


PHP 7.1 released

PHP team released long awaited 7.1.0 version bringing us:

And more features and changes…

As usual, Yii 2.0 is well prepared and works well with PHP 7.1 so feel free to upgrade if needed.

If you wonder about thoughts behing each change, check out RFC wiki.

Nov 29, 2016


LUYA 1.0.0-RC2 Release

The final release of LUYA is around the corner! But for now, release candidate 2 has improved several things and fixed many bugs.

  • The administration now speaks French and Spanish, too! It is available in the following languages: German, English, Russian, French and Spanish.
  • The language of the administration can now be stored for each user individually.
  • Relational data can now be opened in new tabs in the NgRest CRUD view.
  • In the CMS there is a new page setting "SEO Title" allowing to define a custom title tag for the current page for SEO optimisations.
  • The administration module is faster due to asset files removed.
  • It is now possible to replace a file in the filemanager without its URL changing (so that links to the file keep working).
  • Files can now be dragged & dropped as well as copied & pasted to the filemenager. (Keep in mind that images and files pasted from the clipboard will receive a generic name).
  • Scaffolding became much more powerful when creating blocks, modules and executing CRUD commands. Try it out!
  • The CRUD view remembers the sorting of lists and the application of filters by storing them in the user settings.
  • Reduced memory usage within CMS blocks due to the removal of mass assignement of variables.
  • New NgRest plugin for internal and external links.
  • The crawler module was enhanced with features like setters for crawl title, groups and others. It now evaluates the description meta tag (see crawler details for more information).
  • A new property abstraction ImageProperty is now available out of the box.
  • The ngrest plugins for image, imageArray, file and fileArray have now an option in order to directly return the file/image or iterator object.
  • Blocks and other forms can now be submitted with the "Enter" key.

These are just a few of the changes with this release. We also put a lot of work into the documentation as well the website.

We are looking for people who like to translate the administration area to other languages – please drop us a message on Twitter, Gitter or create an issue on github!

Attention: If you want to upgrade to the second release candidate, there are a few breaking changes you have to take care of. With these changes done, we now have a stable and reliable foundation for the upcoming final release.

Please check the full Changelog and the Upgrading Guide where you can see all breaking changes.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the upgrade process, don't hesitate to contact us on Gitter or to create an Issue on GitHub.

29 Novemeber 2016
LUYA developer team

Nov 24, 2016


Debug toolbar extension version 2.0.7 released

Yii team released new version of debug extension. Besides bugfixes and small usability enhancements there are two features: AJAX requests catching and timeline panel.

Nov 22, 2016


Interactive Shell Extension

Yii team released new extension. As the name says, it's an interactive shell based on psysh. After installing the package via requiring yiisoft/yii2-shell composer package you can start it via ./yii shell.

The list of features is available at psysh website. Additionally you can access the application object using Yii::$app. All other classes are available as well.

Nov 22, 2016


ApiDoc extension version 2.0.6 and 2.1.0 released

Both releases come with a lot of bug fixes which make the documentation generation process more robust against badly formatted PHPdoc comments. Some enhancements like the display of deprecation messages for methods and properties as well as styling for bootstrap tables are also included. Finding problems in PHPdoc comments as well as undocumented parts of the code has now become easier by separating messages as errors and warnings.

Additionally to the above changes, 2.1.0 updates the dependency for the PHP Parser package which was conflicting with other packages and made it impossible to use the ApiDoc extension together with other packages which depend on the PHP Parser package.