Sep 4, 2016


Twig extension version 2.0.5 released

Yii team released new version of Twig extension that provides integration with Twig template engine. It adds three enhancements which may come in handy.

Since it's likely last 2.0.x release of it, make sure your composer.json is in order.

Sep 2, 2016


Sphinx extension version 2.0.6 released

Yii team released new version of Sphinx search engine extension. This version both adds new features and fixes bugs.

Aug 29, 2016


The Yii Book (2nd Edition) version 1.6 posted

Larry Ullman released an update for his 2nd edition of the Yii Book. Book got two more revised chapters.

Aug 29, 2016


MongoDB extension version 2.1.1 released

MongoDB extension update was released. This is primarily a bug fix release. The only new thing is yii\mongodb\Migration::listCollections() method.

Aug 29, 2016


Auth Client extension version 2.1.1 released

Auth Client extension update was releasing fixing GitHub authentication issue and updating VKontakte endpoints.

Aug 23, 2016


Guide section of new website ready. More guide PDFs are available

Guide section of the new Yii website is ready now, Guide PDFs are now available in a lot of languages.

Aug 22, 2016


Interview with Alexander Makarov, Yii core team

Alexander Makarov is a senior engineer and one of the core contributors of the Yii Framework. He is the author of Yii Application Development Cookbook.

In his interview with Cloudways, Alexander talks about his career path, his contributions to the Yii framework, makes a comparison of Yii with other frameworks and at the end gives wonderful advice to students. Enjoy the interview :)

While answering about: "What are the best features of Yii according to you?"

He Says: "Error handling and debug toolbar, code generation, forms, query builder and active record, data providers and data widgets, strong i18n layer, REST API framework."

Read the complete interview to know more about him.

Aug 18, 2016


HumHub 1.1 released

A stable release of HumHub 1.1 was tagged. It has significant improvements on board:

  • Dfferent authentication systems (Facebook, Google, Live, GitHub and also custom).
  • Improved notifications (grouping, reduced like notifications)
  • Optional friendship system
  • Advanced group system (multiple groups per user, group level permissions)
  • Added new user invitation method on directory
  • Added SOLR search engine support (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Cleanup of administration interface and space menu
  • Refactored settings system (improved caching support)
  • Improved theme support when bundled in module
  • Added clean space urls
  • Added possibility to change homepage of space
  • Translation system improvements (Restrict available languages, overwrite certain message strings)
  • Improved page titles
  • Added new country profile field

And more optimizations and fixes.

Aug 17, 2016


JSON behavior for ActiveRecord

This behavior could be attached to ActiveRecord model to turn automatically decode/encode attribute value from/to JSON string.

Aug 16, 2016


How To Use Memcached With Yii 2

The blog post describes how to use MemCached, a free and open source distributed memory caching system, with Yii 2 via MemCache class. Additionally, you can get an idea on how to work with MemCached via command line using telnet.