Nov 22, 2016


Interactive Shell Extension

Yii team released new extension. As the name says, it's an interactive shell based on psysh. After installing the package via requiring yiisoft/yii2-shell composer package you can start it via ./yii shell.

The list of features is available at psysh website. Additionally you can access the application object using Yii::$app. All other classes are available as well.

Nov 22, 2016


ApiDoc extension version 2.0.6 and 2.1.0 released

Both releases come with a lot of bug fixes which make the documentation generation process more robust against badly formatted PHPdoc comments. Some enhancements like the display of deprecation messages for methods and properties as well as styling for bootstrap tables are also included. Finding problems in PHPdoc comments as well as undocumented parts of the code has now become easier by separating messages as errors and warnings.

Additionally to the above changes, 2.1.0 updates the dependency for the PHP Parser package which was conflicting with other packages and made it impossible to use the ApiDoc extension together with other packages which depend on the PHP Parser package.

Nov 17, 2016


Programming With Yii2: Automated Testing With Codeception

New episode of "Programming With Yii2" series explains how to test your Yii application using Codeception.

Nov 16, 2016


A new Yii 2.0 book is released

Yii 2 Application Development Cookbook - Third Edition was just released by PACKT publishing.

The book is based on the Alexander Makarov (@samdark) book about Yii 1.1. All the old recipes were refined for Yii 2.0. New ones were added as well.

Authors are Andrew Bogdanov from 2amigos and Dmitry Eliseev who's well known in Russian Yii community for his webinars and tutorials.

Nov 10, 2016


Programming With Yii2: Using Ajax

This article by Jeff Reifman provides some examples of various asyncrnonous UI elements implemented with JavaScript and Yii at the server side.

Nov 9, 2016


Programming With Yii2: Security

Jeff Reifman "Programming With Yii2" series continues with a post giving a good overview of Yii's security solutions.

Nov 7, 2016


Whatacart: e-commerce solution built on Yii 2.0

Whatacart is an Open Source Shopping Cart Software built with Yii 2.0. It has a good set of features on both backend and frontend which would make it readymade solution to develop an online store with speed. In case you want to customize it, it's fast for both developers and designers to do.

Nov 7, 2016


Yii 2.0 OAuth2 server and RBAC extension

This extension implements OAuth2 server. It is a wrapper around Brent Shaffer's OAuth2 Library.

Currently only Redis could be used as backend. More backends are planned later.

Out of the box extension provides:

  • Classic OAuth2 endpoints
  • Login and authorization pages which could be overriden

Code coverage is about 70% now and will be improved in upcoming releases.

Nov 3, 2016


Imagine extension version 2.1.0 released

Yii team released Imagine extension version 2.1.0. This release uses 0.6.x versions of imagine library and may break backwards compatibility if you are working with color. Additionally there are two important additions:

  • New autorotate() method which rotates images based on EXIF metadata.
  • You may pass resources or ImageInterface instances to methods now.

Nov 3, 2016


Uploading files

A complete recipe showing a real case of handling file uploads within Yii 2.0.