MongoDB extension version 2.1.1 released

MongoDB extension update was released. This is primarily a bug fix release. The only new thing is yii\mongodb\Migration::listCollections() method.

Auth Client extension version 2.1.1 released

Auth Client extension update was releasing fixing GitHub authentication issue and updating VKontakte endpoints.

Guide section of new website ready. More guide PDFs are available

Guide section of the new Yii website is ready now, Guide PDFs are now available in a lot of languages.

Interview with Alexander Makarov, Yii core team

Alexander Makarov is a senior engineer and one of the core contributors of the Yii Framework. He is the author of Yii Application Development Cookbook.

In his interview with Cloudways, Alexander talks about his career path, his contributions to the Yii framework, makes a comparison of Yii with other frameworks and at the end gives wonderful advice to students. Enjoy the interview :)

While answering about: "What are the best features of Yii according to you?"

He Says: "Error handling and debug toolbar, code generation, forms, query builder and active record, data providers and data widgets, strong i18n layer, REST API framework."

Read the complete interview to know more about him.

HumHub 1.1 released

A stable release of HumHub 1.1 was tagged. It has significant improvements on board:

  • Dfferent authentication systems (Facebook, Google, Live, GitHub and also custom).
  • Improved notifications (grouping, reduced like notifications)
  • Optional friendship system
  • Advanced group system (multiple groups per user, group level permissions)
  • Added new user invitation method on directory
  • Added SOLR search engine support (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Cleanup of administration interface and space menu
  • Refactored settings system (improved caching support)
  • Improved theme support when bundled in module
  • Added clean space urls
  • Added possibility to change homepage of space
  • Translation system improvements (Restrict available languages, overwrite certain message strings)
  • Improved page titles
  • Added new country profile field

And more optimizations and fixes.

JSON behavior for ActiveRecord

This behavior could be attached to ActiveRecord model to turn automatically decode/encode attribute value from/to JSON string.

How To Use Memcached With Yii 2

The blog post describes how to use MemCached, a free and open source distributed memory caching system, with Yii 2 via MemCache class. Additionally, you can get an idea on how to work with MemCached via command line using telnet.

LUYA Yii 2 CMS beta8 released

Today (11. August 2016) beta 8 of the Yii2-based content management system LUYA was released after several weeks' work! The new version provides many important additions and improvements, including:

  • page permissions allow to restrict the pages a group of backend users can edit (permissions can be granted for individual pages as well as sections)
  • status data can now be stored in user settings, like the collapsing of the page tree or the last location in the file manager (which are now remembered by LUYA)
  • content blocks can be marked as favorites to be available at the top of the catalogue
  • additional block info is available in views, answering questions like "Is this the first block in a container?" or "Is this block preceded or followed by a block of the same type?" (e.g. to open and close wrappers around a group of the same types of blocks)
  • the select plugin now uses the "Chosen" jQuery plugin to make selection with long lists more comfortable (
  • PHP views can now be used as an alternative to Twig views
  • dates can now be set using a date picker
  • there are new shortcodes for the tag parser to include relative URLs and mail links in Markdown text (e.g. mail[])
  • new ngrest sorting and grouping configuration options are available
  • page properties can now be accessed through the menu for all pages, not only the current one
  • silent modules (interactive=0) allow the automated setup of LUYA installations
  • many smaller usability improvements were done
  • API documentation is linked with source code on GitHub
  • there's additional PHP inline documentation
  • the guide was improved and amended

These are some of our plans for the future:

  • new Kickstarter and demo theme
  • a complete overhaul of the administration based on Angular 2 and Bootstrap 4

And, the most important thing of all, a new LUYA logo will be unveiled soon. ;-)

Install and Demo

Craft 3 is Back in Action

Craft, one of the most prominent Yii based CMSes, after long period of silence, released another dev. preview of Craft 3 which is based on Yii 2.0. Fresh package brings tons of bug fixes, a few new features, some code cleanup/refactoring, and most notable, all of the changes that came to Craft 2 in the past year.

How To Configure Search With Elasticsearch In Yii 2

A detailed tutorial on searchin data via Elasticsearch in Yii 2 was posted at Cloudways. It's the second one in a series following "How To Use Elasticsearch With Yii 2".