Indonesian Yii 2.0 book

Hafid Mukhlasin released a book about Yii 2.0 in Bahasa Indonesia. The book is self-published almost 500 pages writing covering both basic and not so basic topics such as testing and deployment. It's going to be distributed as hardcover book and is going to cost $10 — $15.

Preorder and sample PDF are available.

Yii 2 Command Bus component

Yii2 tactician is wrapper component for the phpleague tactician which can be used to present application business logic as a number of independent parts communicating using context independent commands. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Remote Admin with LUYA

LUYA CMS got nice remote admin app that's able to gather info from all your CMS instances on various servers so you're able:

  • To see all outdated websites.
  • To collect info about the Websites themselves and make sure they are configured well.
  • To see how many administrators are active.
  • To have a list of direct website links.

It works out of the box with all Yii2 based LUYA Websites where admin module is enabled.


Yii 2 ListView Example: Customizing Pagination

Another post at CodeViola. This time the focus is customizing pagination widget.

Yii 2.0.7 is released

Yii team released version 2.0.7 of the framework which contains over 100 minor new features and bug fixes as well as numerous improvements to documentation and guide translations.

Big summary of improvements is in the official announcement.

Yii 2 ListView Example

This post at CodeViola focuses on explaining ListView component of Yii 2.0 from A to Z.

How To Use Yii 2 Error Handler

The post at CodeViola is a set of useful things you can do with Yii 2.0 error handler: enabling, disabling, customizing views, writing our own.

Writing SOLID Code

Post by Qiang Xue, creator of Yii, is a good introduction to SOLID programming principles.

Project Self Update Extension for Yii 2

Paul Klimov is very productive nowadays. This time he released extension that allows updating the project from version control system and performs additional actions such as performing migrations. All that is performed via single console command ./self-update.

YiiFeed got updates

Project got some updates:

  • Fixed issue that prevened many people from authenticating using GitHub.
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos are now allowed.
  • Avatars are now used in comments.
  • News authors are displayed.
  • GitHub link was added to user profiles.
  • News aren't truncated anymore in the list.
  • GitHub flavored markdown is now used.