Yii 2.0.8 is released

Yii 2.0.8, a patch release with about 100 minor new features and bug fixes, was released.

Postmark Yii 2 integration

Postmark proved to be a very good service to send emails. The integration is a wrapper around official PHP SDK that allows using it via Yii mailer interface.

Yii 2 widget for Froala WYSIWYG editor

Froala WYSIWYG editor is pretty cool "what you see is what you get" type of editor which has code at GitHub, is of high quality and has lots of features. If is free for OpenSource. For non-OpenSource it starts from $99 which isn't bad considering the effort to create something similar.


YeeCMS is a general purpose CMS built with Yii 2. It features RBAC, menus, control panel, file and image uploads, comments, posts and static pages. Also it supports translations and takes care of SEO.

Balance Accounting System extension for Yii2

Another extension got its way into excellent yii2tech collection made possible by Paul Klimov, one of Yii core team members. Extension provides basic support for balance accounting (bookkeeping) system based on debit and credit principle. Balance system is usually used for the accounting (bookkeeping) and money operations. However, it may also be used for any resource transferring from one location to another. For example: transferring goods from storehouse to the shop and so on.

A must have if you're working with money.

Yii 2 websocket server

Easy to use websocket implementation with Yii 2.0 integration. Good solution for realtime data exchange such as chats.

Composer goes Gold

The first stable version of Composer, 1.0.0, is released! Since beta-1 besides bugfixes the changes are the following:

  • install now turns into update if lock file is missing.
  • remove now removes dependencies as well.
  • self-update could now be run wth --snapshot, --preview or --stable to switch between update channels.

Full release history is available at GitHub.

Congratulations, everyone! Now PHP infrastructure is finally stable ;)

HumHub 1.0.0 stable released

First stable release of HumHub, an Open Source Social Network Kit, is out.

New official extension releases

Yii team released several official extensions bringing both bugfixes and improvements. Among others there is new debug toolbar that opens right on the page you're on sliding from the bottom just like debug tools in Chrome or Firefox.

Screenguide article about Yii 2.0

Volume 30 of the the german webworking magazine "Screenguide", which is available for subscribers as of today, has an article about Yii 2.0 written by Peter Majmesku.

He is giving a good overview about Yii's features and describes how Yii helps providing a pleasant development environment which is fun to work with.