Aug 18, 2016


HumHub 1.1 released

A stable release of HumHub 1.1 was tagged. It has significant improvements on board:

  • Dfferent authentication systems (Facebook, Google, Live, GitHub and also custom).
  • Improved notifications (grouping, reduced like notifications)
  • Optional friendship system
  • Advanced group system (multiple groups per user, group level permissions)
  • Added new user invitation method on directory
  • Added SOLR search engine support (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Cleanup of administration interface and space menu
  • Refactored settings system (improved caching support)
  • Improved theme support when bundled in module
  • Added clean space urls
  • Added possibility to change homepage of space
  • Translation system improvements (Restrict available languages, overwrite certain message strings)
  • Improved page titles
  • Added new country profile field

And more optimizations and fixes.

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